The weekly planning

Our itinerant workshops

outdoor, in the nature!

During these years, we organized many workshops in the nature with great results. Our guests love to visit new places allowing themselves to chill out together, while taking knowledge, skills and food for thought, to be brought back home.  We worked for a long time to offer the greatest experiences that can be done in a week in Sardinia.


Morning:  Arrivals and accomodation in the rooms

Afternoon:  explanation of the planning, valutation test for the activities, staff presentation

Evening: Canto a Tenore Festival in Fonni


Morning: Yoga with Ivan, breakfast, basic Overtone Singing workshop part 1

Afternoon: basic Overtone Singing workshop part 2, tibetan bowls with Mara and yoga of sound with Ivan at sunset


Morning: yoga with Ivan, trip to Oliena (Valle Lanaittu and Nuragic Villages Sa Sedda & Sos Carros)   

Throat singing workshop

afternoon: trip to Su Gologone springs, Lesson with Mara


Morning: yoga, minicruise to Bue Marino's caves / Cala Luna  singing session and video at Cala Luna (seaside)

Evening: Su Romanzesu  Sound healing and singing meditation with Ivan & Mara

JULY 10:

Morning: Bultei.  Forest of Sa Fraigada  Lesson with Ivan

Afternoon: trip to Nuraghe Tilariga and to the Tomb of Giants at Sas Presones.   

Tuvan Throat Singing workshop

JULY 11:

Morning: BOSA / SUNI (seaside)

Evening: trip to Nuraghe Nuraddeo and to domus de janas Chirisconis, revisions of the workshops +  jam sessions and concerts 

JULY 12: Check out

Greetings and departures

Workshops and activities in detail

Overtone Singing and Throat Singing Workshops

with Ilaria Orefice & Giovanni Bortoluzzi


with Ilaria Orefice:

Starting from breathing, we will gain contact with our purest and healthy voice, fundamentals basis for a optimal overtone singing. The workshop will go on with the learning of the two main techniques, applicable in every musical/olistic context. The second part of the workshop will go through the knowledge of the harmonic series, needed to create melodies with overtones. The workshop will end up with a circle song combined with overtone chants.

- Conference on female throat singing styles, Tuvan Kargyraa, African Umngqokolo, and Inuit throat singing, history and curiosities. 

- Conference on Overtone Singing in spirituality and discipline.


with Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Explanation and demonstration of the 7 main styles of Khöömei and full walkthrough on learning the main timbres(korekteer and kargyraa). History, curiosities, questions and answers, and hints on how to apply the styles of Khöömei to common instruments(guitar, piano, percussions, didgeridoo,jew's harp and others).

- Conference with participation of Tenore Su Remediu de Orosei: Discovering the similarities between Tuvan Throat Singing and Sardinian Canto a Tenore.

- Performance by Tenore Su Remediu de Orosei

Guided tours 

Sardegna Sacra: journeys to discovery of ancestral sanctuaries. Sardegna Sacra takes us to discover ancient Sardinian sacred places, through an experiential approach. We will discover monumental testimonies of an ancient spirituality, which still talks to us deeply. Every participant will be involved actively and emotionally, in a sharing atmosphere with other participants, in order to live an unforgettable experience. Sardegna Sacra is a project created by Ilaria Montis, archaeologist, regularly subscribed to the regional register of touristic guides, and teacher of Mindfulness and MBSR protocol, certified at CISM.

Yoga & mantras

Ivan will lead us to yoga practices for morning awakening and evening relax, as a singer he will guide us with voice and music, through meditations that blend together the power of the voice and yoga in an experimental way. Thanks to this approach, the participants will be able to reach deep relaxation while sharpening their overtone singing skills, during the whole summer residence.

Tibetan Bowls

Mara will guide the evening meditations with the sound of the tibetan bowls. 

Workshop on Tibetan Harmonic Bowls to the discovery of body and mind benefits of sound and natural harmonics.   Bibliographical references and brief history of Holism (12 chakras, sound resonances on auric field and healing frequencies). Exercises in pairs for directioning vocals and overtones through intention.

Tenore su Remediu de Orosei

Special Guest

Our friends, traditional singers in the "Tenore su Remediu de Orosei", will perform a live concert of traditional A Tenore songs. They will be answering questions, as well as teaching us everything about history and vocal styles of Canto A Tenore, one of the most ancient forms of art that are protected by UNESCO.



The Hotel Badde Rosa in one of the most beautiful hotels in Sardinia.

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accommodation in hotel, all workshops, guided tours and mini-cruise.

€ 590

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